Jeeto Nai Andaz Se New Earn App

Jeeto Nai Andaz Sa is Pakistan’s first mobile video game.Jeeto Nayi Adaaz Se (JNAS)


defines the mobile user experience and destroys social media by using a real-time video game app in Pakistan on mobile phones, enabling participants toGNAS is a multi-player video game platform where people can play rival games.Popular show owners ask interesting questions, and people can earn game points for the correct answer.Earning game points is very easy, you just need to follow these


steps:Download the JNAS application from the Play Store.You will be notified before the live game show starts.Controller response (10 seconds for each question)Answer all the questions every day and earn game pointsIf a participant is lively, it will automatically animate (once per game, no final question).


Declared game points will be distributed equally to all winners

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