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Friends, today I am going to tell you how you can earn bitcoins in your mobile, yes friends, you can earn bitcoins easily in your mobile 

Friends, today I am sharing such a website, you can get through this website of Bitcoin and get it withdraw in any of your Pakistani bank accounts.

Friends, you would know that nowadays the rate of bitcoin is going very high, that means $ 10000 of a bitcoin becomes

Friends, you too can earn bitcoins from home. This website which is sharing you, I can earn bitcoins through this website.

Friends, you know that bitcoin is closed in Pakistan, it is not running in Pakistan but I will tell you a way through which you can run bitcoins in Pakistan.

Friends, you get bitcoin exchange and lots of websites, you also get a website through which you can change bitcoins in Pakistan and get them withdraw in your Pakistani bank account.


Now friends, I am going to tell you how you will register in this website 

First of all, you have to enter a new password, after that you will have to enter a new email address and as soon as you click on the register, you will get registered.

In the same way you complete this work, after that you can login to the website and earn money.

Friends, I liked this website, because of this I am sharing you guys so that you too can earn coins sitting at home.

And friends, share this post with red chili to your friends also so that they too can earn money sitting at home.


Friends, I am now telling you how you can get your money out. 

To remove friends, first thing you need to do is enter your Pakistani bank account number, after that you will have to click on the rebellion, you will get the money within 24 hours.

So friends, I am sure you liked my post today, sharing your friends with

Earn bitcoins where play cryptocurrency puzzle games where skills are important
Bitbomb is a game where you can get free bitcoins by playing exciting free puzzle games.
The more you play, the faster you can earn bitcoin, and usually you can withdraw it to your wallet (CoinSigner account) in rare cases (usually within a few days).
You only need to play a game of more than one minute to understand its passion.
Each game will give you 10 saturations, depending on the outcome of the game.
After reaching the required minimum requirements, request a return.
Download the game now, and play games happily at home, bus station, metro or cafe.
Do you think you are a language guru?
We have added a definition bar at the top of the screen so that you can get new vocabulary and learn new words.
-Before playing the game, please log in and click the “Wallet” button on the main screen to enter the currency email.
We will send you Satoshi (Nano bitcoin) while registering.
-The number of sotoshi you win is more than the number that can be played and requested every 3 days.
-A word has no less than 145 characters, you can get a view.
-Tap or drag to add letters to form words.
You can add letters vertically, horizontally and / or diagonally.
-The more words you add, the more points you get
(Formula: score = network * network * 5)
-When you reduce less squares, you will get more bonus points.
(Formula: Bonus = 2000 squares * squares * 20)
Increase the target score of each level by arranging level squares: O (n ^ 2).
– When connected, different color blocks will also give you extra points

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